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Our cow-less carne asada embodies traditional Mexican cuisine while showcasing the versatility of our technology.

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Endless possibilities

We specialize in crafting top-tier protein products that not only nourish the world today but also contribute to a sustainable future.

80 %

of all antibiotics in the US, are consumed by the livestock industry, contributing to the growing public health problem of antibiotic resistance and infectious diseases.


Liters of water and 25 kilograms of grain are required to produce 1 kilogram of beef. If all this grain were fed to humans instead of animals, we could feed an extra 3.5 billion people.

18 %

Of man-made greenhouse gas emissions worldwide come from livestock farming. This is more than all emissions from ships, planes, trucks, cars and all other transport put together.

19 %

Reduction in the risk of heart disease and breast, colon or prostate cancers is associated with a lower consumption of red meat.

In-house built printers

3D printing our way onto your table

Our cutting-edge printers replicate muscle fibers, delivering the tantalizing texture of meat. We meticulously control the microstructure to achieve a macrostructure virtually indistinguishable from the traditional muscle.

In-house built printers

Developing and manufacturing our own printers enables us to expand our operations and enhance our technology simultaneously.

Sculpting flavour

Alternative protein does not have to be flat and boring. We are going to deliver the best carne asada in the world, and we will do so sustainably, for the planet’s sake!

From Mexico, with love

We are Mexican meat designers

Delivering great flavor and texture through carefully crafted architecture, creating a vibrant and fresh cooking and eating experience that everyone can be a part of.

Mexican Identity

Proudly representing the essence of Mexico in the foodtech realm, by printing and designing our products in Mexico, for Mexicans and the world.

Unlimited Improvement

Our meat is created through innovative engineering, and unlike cows, we continuously enhance our production methods.

Protein (R)evolution

As a company specializing in alternative proteins, we envision a future where plant-based products pave the way for the emergence of cultivated meat.

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